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Our Christian Education program is designed to prepare and equip believers at every stage of their Christian Life.

We currently offer three tracks in our Christian Education Program:


Foundations: This track provides foundational doctrine, Scripture memory, and Evangelism tools.

Meets Sundays at 8:45am. In the Dock – Classroom # 1


Awaken: This track is designed for young adults (ages 18 – early 30s) as a complement to our Thursday “Awaken” Meetings. The track is topical in nature and covers issues such as finance, missions, and relationships.

Meets Sundays at 8:45am. In the Dock – Rec Room


Bible: This track focuses an in-depth study of Scripture using various exegetical methods and with a focus on 21st century application. This class is meant for students interested in pursuing ministry work, those involved in the 2 Rivers Internship program, and those wanting to learn at a Bible College Level. This track can be audited or taken for credit.

Meets Sundays at 7:45am. In the River – Bridge Classroom 


For more information, please contact Jessica Ellertson at jess.ellertson@gmail.com.