Contact List

We have many events and happenings at 2RC on a regular basis. Volunteers make up a large part of how we run and what gets accomplished. The following is a concise list of some of our primary activities to help you get in touch with the right person quickly.

Thank you to everyone who helps our church run smoothly!

Leadership Team

Pastor – Tom Alexander, 480-892-2435

Youth Pastor – Chris and Leah Newton,, 480-495-1389

Elder – Kerry LaBatt,, 602-799-5630

Elder – Justin Smith, 480-821-0718

Elder – Rick Howard, 480-632-2025

Deacon – Mark Lease, 480-821-1416

Deacon – Scott Taylor,

Other Ministry Leaders

•  Accounting - Anne Lease,

•  Administration - Rhonda LaBatt,, 480-516-1010

  Bulletin – Lindy Frieze,

Children’s Ministry – Pastor Chris Newton,

College and Career – Shailesh and Aimee Ghimire,

Healing Rooms – Jim and Linda Welsh,

Men’s Ministry- Kerry LaBatt,, 602-799-5630

Podcast Administration – Aaron Gochee,, 480-455-2189

Transformation Team and Inner Healing Ministry – Gloria Stueland, gloria@desertlifere, 480-545-8383; Aimee Ghimire,; Carla Howard,, 480-632-2025

Sanctuary and Sunday School Setup and Teardown – Mark Lease, 480-821-1416

Worship – Cal Horton,, 480-427-9821

Website – Becca Moehring,, 602-791-7144, Rhonda LaBatt,